Authorities imprison Crocodile after dog-eating rampage

Australian authorities decided to intervene after the inhabitants of the Australian Tiwi Islands were terrorised by an unbelievably large crocodile.

On the Australian Tiwi Islands, the indigenous Wurrumiyanga community has been dealing with quite a huge threat: an enormous crocodile weighing almost 600kg that has been terrorising the population. Residents have found cattle carcasses in the area and they were scared for the lives of their children.

The beast, majestic but very dangerous, didn’t manage to get very far before Australian authorities made the decision to capture the animal. They even put it in a prison cell to give them the time to find a new place to relocate it.

Dangerous reptile

Police on the Tiwi islands decided to intervene after yet another incident involving the reptile. Being a ferocious hunter, dogs often fall into these giant jaws so authorities called in Matt Wright, a specialist in crocodiles and alligators. This man, who regularly appears in animal documentaries, understands these predators’ behaviour quite well.

‘It hunts, it has killed cattle and it was getting dangerously close to humans. It was just a matter of time before it killed someone,’ he said in an interview.

Spectacular proportions

Matt Wright, therefore, helped to capture the huge creature, measuring 4 meters long and weighing more than 600kg (1000lbs). Relieved, hundreds of residents attended the capture of the crocodile.

Photographs of the beast have been circulating on the internet. Lots of users have been claiming the photo has been photoshopped or is fake because of the sheer size of the beast. However, the images are well and truly real, and the animal is a real giant.

The crocodile hasn’t been injured but has been immobilised due to safety reasons. It was taken to a farm that specialises in raising large reptiles. Now, it is in good hands in a large and surveyed area that it can’t escape from.

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