This 10 foot long creature was discovered off the Australian coast

A strange creature was seen and photographed in Port Douglas, Australia. Nicknamed ‘the unicorn of the seas,’ this creature can measure up to ten feet long and looks like a huge tube of jelly. Rare with little known about it, it was recently photographed by a diver.

Jay Wink is an Australian diver who encountered a pyrosome, a strange creature also known as ‘the unicorn of the seas’ because of its mysterious nature.

The pyrosome was seen by the diver in Port Douglas, Australia, waters where many unusual phenomena occur. Nowadays it seems new species are still often discovered!

Posted by Abc Dive & Snorkel Port Douglas on Thursday, September 7, 2017

It is actually a cluster of thousands of living organisms that can take the form of a tube, which looks incredible when seen underwater.

These thousands of organisms are called Zoids. They give off a special light underwater and look like a huge tube made of jelly when they form the pyrosome. Pyrosomes are Thaliaceae, ‘often-transparent barrel-shaped organisms.’

The one Jay Wink was able to take a picture of was about ten feet long. ‘Under the surface, it was bright pink, the pictures really don't do it credit,’ Jay Wink told The Daily Mail Australia about his discovery, which was ‘particularly unusual’ and quite beautiful.

You can see the footage of this incredible creature in the video above!

This Disturbing 10 Foot Long Creature Has Been Discovered Near Australia This Disturbing 10 Foot Long Creature Has Been Discovered Near Australia