These Tourists Saw Something Incredible While Relaxing This Waterfront Resort

While they were quietly eating their breakfast on the terrace of the lodge in British Columbia, some tourists were lucky enough to watch the arrival of some humpback whales and were treated to an early morning show.

Is there a better way to improve your hotel breakfast than a humpback whale show? And we’re not talking about whales in captivity in zoos or aquariums, no, but wild whales, swimming very close to the west coast of Canada.

Clients at the Great Bear Lodge in British Columbia were lucky enough to see three humpback whales spouting water just a few meters from where they were having their breakfast.

Why they were so close to the coasts and in a bay like this is still a mystery. The most plausible reason is that the whales had followed a shoal of fish from the Pacific Ocean and had travelled up the Estuary river to feed. But the idea of a brief navigation error has been quickly accepted by all.

Whatever the reason may be, after some splashing about in the water, the whales went back the way they came and haven’t been seen since. They definitely made this August morning a unique and special occasion for visitors that day!

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Check out the video above to see the footage for yourself!

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