These Irish Beach Goers Came Across A Huge Shark While Swimming In Cape Clear

These travelers were swimming off the coast of Cape Clear, a small island located south-west of County Cork, in Ireland, when they came across a huge basking shark.

Cape Clear is a small and quiet island located in the southwest of Ireland. However, it's also a place where interesting sightings, like the one in this amazing video, have been made. While swimming in the Celtic Sea, these beachgoers came face to face with a basking shark, and did not hesitate to film the encounter!

An amazing creature

Although it is a harmless animal, we're sure these travelers had quite the adrenaline rush when they noticed this enormous shark swimming right next to them! But they're not the first to encounter a basking shark, as it is a fairly common species in Irish waters. In fact, it is also normal to cross paths with dolphins, although they're somewhat more aggressive. This beachgoer's experience on an Irish beach is proof of that!


The shark doesn't seem to feel threatened or even surprised by the fact that humans are swimming so close to it. It quietly swims away with its huge jaws open, so it can feed on the plankton, algae or microscopic animals it swallows on its path.

Considering that a basking shark can reach 12 meters, we can only imagine how scared these Irish beachgoers must've been before they realized what type of shark it was. We definitely would've peed our pants...

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