These Huge Snake Videos Have Been Taking the Internet By Storm

Sometimes it's hard to believe such creatures are actually real. That might explain why these two videos of enormous snakes went viral.

Although snakes are generally considered unfriendly and a danger to humans, social media platforms have a wealth of videos that show otherwise. We're not gonna lie, though. These two videos made our jaws drop.

The two short video clips that were posted on Twitter account @BestViralPosts show two huge reptiles.

These snakes are so massive, it's hard to believe they're even real! In the first video, you'll see a snake sneak into a window and slithering over to a pool, then curling up inside.

In the second one, which is even more impressive, a boy is seen playing in his bed as a snake approaches him and wraps itself around his body like it's no big deal. Meanwhile, the little boy is unbothered, playing video games.

Although the account that posted the videos didn't provide any information other than this graphic footage, Internet users who commented on the thread of tweets say it was filmed in Indonesia. Crazy!

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