Gripping Moment When a Black Panther Tries to Take On a Giant Anaconda

In the heart of South America, a panther confronts another terrifying predator: the anaconda. Despite their difference in size, it is not clear who will win. Both animals try to pull the other towards the environment where they’re most comfortable

Who is the biggest predator in South America? We find out in the video above. In this archived footage, we can see a panther grappling with an anaconda, but the strongest animal is not always the bigger of the two.

Two different weight classes

Weighing in at 300lb (136kg), the anaconda is a big guy compared to the 200lb (91kg) panther. But the fight doesn’t take place in its preferred environment. Anacondas almost always live near on or in the water. They are fairly slow and limp when moving on land due to their size, but they can still be really fast in water. As the footage proceeds to show, the cleverly tries to draw its opponent into a pond.

King of the underwater Getty Images

Once in the murky water, the feline predator finds it difficult to grab the anaconda as it makes its way in and out of the water. The anaconda carefully manages to curl around the feline and it seems it isn't long before she suffocates. Nevertheless, the panther drags the anaconda onto dry land once again before the giant, exhausted snake ends up admitting defeat.

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