Terrifying footage shows crocodiles taking over the streets in Australia

Australia is currently facing insane flooding, and it’s come with a shocking side effect: crocodiles are taking over the streets.

Australia is used to facing some crazy meteorological extremes. The country is known to be hit with torrential rains, like those of 2019 after the devastating bush firesthat killed millions of animals and forest, causing the kind of flooding that happens ‘only once every 100 years,’ according to the Prime Minister of Queensland.

Only in Australia

The saying 'Only in Australia' has never been more accurate...

Heavy downpours, on top of being extremely dangerous for the population because it can destroy houses, can also have unexpected consequence like marine crocodiles taking to the flooded streets. Specialists also cautioning citizens against the threat of snakes, which are very good swimmers.

In the video above, you can see crocodiles wandering about in the streets and people's front yards. How would you feel if you came face-to-face with a 160-stone crocodile? Probably not very safe...

Monsoon season

Northern Australia is accustomed to monsoons. The monsoon season in that part of the country typically lasts from December to March. According to the Bureau of Metereology:

It is associated with the inflow of moist west to northwesterly winds into the monsoon trough, producing convective cloud and heavy rainfall over northern Australia. These moisture-laden winds originate from the Indian Ocean and southern Asian waters.

Check out the video above to see the terrifying footage for yourself!

This Terrifying Crocodile Footage Is The Most Chilling Thing We've Seen All Year This Terrifying Crocodile Footage Is The Most Chilling Thing We've Seen All Year