She swan with a jellyfish twice her size

A magnificent creature has been captured on film and it's astounding the internet...

The underwater depths are full of majestic creatures, which only divers have the privilege of crossing on their way. Lizzie Daly, a biologist and presenter on BBC Earth, met one of these creatures.

It was on her social networks that the young woman posted a picture of herself in diving gear, accompanied by this wonder of nature. A photo was posted with the following caption:

Woah!!!!!!!! Yesterday, we dived in Falmouth to finish the #WildOceanWeek and we came across this giant jellyfish! What a great way to end this marine adventure!

A photograph of a rare beauty that did not fail to make internet users react, who were truly shockedby the incredible size of this jellyfish.

A dream job

If you are fascinated by the depths, you can follow Lizzie Daly on social networks. Indeed, this giant jellyfish is far from being the young woman's only beautiful discovery.

Through her work, she maintains a privileged relationship with the animal world. It is therefore only natural that you will find on her Instagram account photos which are just as magnificent as the last, with other wonders of nature.

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