Researchers Recently Found and Took Video of a Rare Two-Headed Wolf Snake

A rare snake has been found in the forests of Odisha, India. What was later identified to be a baby wolf snake, the small creature had one baffling feature. It had an extra head!

From snakes to pigs, sharks to insects, animals with two or more heads are seldom seen living in the wild. Usually, because they don't last long after birth.

Recently scientists at the Keonjhar wildlife sanctuary in India came across a two-headed snake that seemed to function well in the wild. Though admittedly the two were in competition with one another despite the food likely travelling to the same place.

Rakesh Mohalik, a photographer and wildlife researcher and enthusiast came across the rare creature and decided to take some footage. The snake was approximately 14 cm long and both heads at sets of fully functional eyes and both had working tongues. Mohalik added:

One among the two heads is slightly more developed and both are known to fight over food.

Thought of in many cultures to be indicative of disaster, two-headed animals are a rarety seldom seen in nature. Only accruing once in every 100,000 wild births. Simply put, two-head creatures are a set of twin embryos that were not able to separate successfully after fertilization. Nothing sinister about it!

The snake was later returned to the wild, hopefully, it will be able to successfully fend for itself as it continues to grow. Check out the video above to see the incredible footage.

A Very Rare Two-Headed Snake Was Spotted in India (VIDEO) A Very Rare Two-Headed Snake Was Spotted in India (VIDEO)