Mysterious sea creature you should watch out for in Minorca

Ecologists have been warning people about this strange and mysterious jellyfish like creature that was recently seen in the beaches of Minorca.

Mysterious sea creature you should watch out for in Minorca
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Despite the fact we know quite a bit about some of them, there are still many marine creatures that we know very little about and even more that are yet to be discovered. Do they sting? Do they bite? Are they dangerous?

The government in Minorca, a Spanish island in the Balearic Islands, once took to Twitter to reveal that they had spotted a creature in several coves and bays that they weren’t used to witnessing.

How do you call the mysterious creature?

This transparent and strange-looking creature is called a Salpa (Salpa fusiformis) and ecologists from Minorca’s government issued an appeal to the public regarding this species.

Do you know what they said? They wanted to emphasise the fact that Salpas are harmless, despite the fact that they look a lot like jellyfish due to their colour and general appearance.

Avoid contact if possible

Furthermore, they also explained that these creatures are rather fragile and people must be careful not to harm them. Their advice, if you come across one this summer, is to just get out of their way and leave them be.

According to specialists on social media, humans shouldn't 'bother them' and 'let them go their own way’. Based on the footage, we're not at all opposed to avoiding them!