Meet Kenny: The Tiger That Defied All Odds
Meet Kenny: The Tiger That Defied All Odds
Meet Kenny: The Tiger That Defied All Odds
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Meet Kenny: The Tiger That Defied All Odds

Researchers say there's no way he should've existed. Yet despite all odds, he proved them all wrong...

Contrary to popular belief,white tigers are not a species. Instead, they are the result of a recessive gene held by the more commonorange tigers. This means that excessive inbreeding is used in order to get white tigers.

Kenny was rescued from filthy conditions at a private breeder in Arkansas. The breeder likely called for him to be taken away because he wasn't 'pretty' enough to sell.

It is likely that Kenny's parents were brother and sister and it is this which led to his health problems and unusual appearance.

Kenny the white tiger Twitter

A 'great personality'

Despite his difficult start to life, Kenny's keepers report that he was really happy and had a 'great personality'.

'He loved enrichment, he had a favourite toy ... he ran around in his habitat, he ate grass,' said Emily McCormack, the animalcurator at Turpentine Creek.

Sadly, Kenny died in 2008, at the age of just 10, of a melanoma. It's not clear if his death was directly caused by the inbreeding but McCormack says that white tigers almost always have health issues such as kidney problems, spine issues and cleft palates. That's why Susan Bass, PR representative for the Florida sanctuary Big Cat Rescue says that white tigers 'shouldn't exist.'

By Johanna Garner

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