Man who feels a tickling in his ears discovers huge huntsman spider

After feeling a strange tickling sensation in his ears, one Australian man took off his earphones to discover had a massive huntsman spider had taken up residence inside and was very reluctant to come out.

Creepy crawlies in the ears is quite possibly one of the most dreaded occurrences, even worse if said creepy crawly happens to be a spider.

Recently, one Australian man (of course) was given a bit of a fright after he had a tickling sensation after putting on his earmuffs. Olly Hurst took off the headphones and made the rather grim discovery that a huntsman spider had settled inside and made it clear he would not be moving from his new comfy spot.

The plumber shared the footage of the shiver-inducing find with ABC Perth. In the video he can be heard saying:

I absolutely knew I could feel something tickling my ear. Hmmm, nasty.
Olly Hurst

Hurst then continued to try to shake the spider out of the earmuffs, because sending a spider flying through the air is exactly what 2020 needs. But, the spider had found itself to be quite comfortable inside the ear protectors and refused to budge:

He doesn't want to come out. He is happy in there.

Olly then dropped the earmuffs on the ground before surrendering the earmuffs to their new rightful owner.

The huntsman spider

Out of all the spiders in Australia, the huntsman is by far one of the more harmless although their venom will still pack a bit of a punch. It’s actually the size of the beast that matters in this case as huntsmans can grow to have a leg span of up to 15 cm… That’s not something you want to find crawling up your walls let alone in your earmuffs.

Aussie also boasts over 2,000 species of spiders so it’d be a good idea to shake out your sheets and your shoes if you ever make the trip over.

Watch the video to see Olly’s creepy spider discovery

A new spider has been discovered in Australia A new spider has been discovered in Australia