Man bites snake to death in weird case of vengeance

A 45 year old from a remote Indian village of Odisha bit back the snake that had earlier bitten him on his paddy farm.

One of the common rules taught in every journalism class is that dog biting man is not as newsworthy as man biting dog.

Well, this Indian man has done us one better by biting a snake to death in what could only be described as a bizarre case of vengeance.

Kishore Badra, 45, was returning home from his paddy farm in a remote village of Odisha, Jaipur district, on Wednesday morning when he was bitten by a snake.

The Revenge

According to local reports, the incident occurred when the farmer had wrapped up his work on his paddy farm and was making his way home around 6:30 in the evening.

Badra captured the snake that had bitten him on the leg and bit it back multiple times until it died. He recounted the encounter:

Something bit my leg and since it was dark, I switched on my torch. I found it to be a krait, a poisonous snake. I picked up the snake and chewed on it until it died.

Following his victory over the reptile, Badra entered the village with his spoil around his neck.

Local champion

He told the story of his exploit not only to his wife and family, but he walked about the village telling anyone he met about how he avenged an attack from a venomous snake.

Concerned onlookers advised him to seek medical attention for the bite but he did not heed this counsel.

Instead, he went to see a traditional healer and was given a cure for the bite. He said:

Even though I bit the poisonous krait (snake), I did not feel any difficulty. I went to a traditional healer residing near the village and was cured.
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