Instead Of Their Cat, A Deadly Animal Suddenly Made Itself At Home In Their Cat Tree

A family from Australia got quite a nasty shock when they spotted this deadly animal in their cat tree where their cat should have been. They quickly acted before anything unfortunate could happen.

This family’s cat really loved their cat tree and spent hours and hours lying in their favourite place. But suddenly, their velvet-pawed pet started acting strangely and didn’t want to go anywhere near the tree they used to love so much.

A shock for the family

The family was so surprised when their cat started behaving strangely and decided to get to the bottom of it. And when the family noticed what was lying in the basket of the scratching post, they could hardly believe their eyes. A giant, diamond python was curled up right in front of them.

Animal rights activist Stuart McKenzie of the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 told The Dodo that the family was terrified. You don’t find a snake, like this in your house every day!

‘Snake in their cat tree’

Protection from the storm

After the family discovered the animal, they called McKenzie immediately. Not long after, he arrived to remove the animal from its cosy home and release it back into the wild.

‘I believe the snake got in the house through an open door or window. It was during the heavy rain and hailstorms, so I think he was just seeking shelter’ assumes the snake catcher.

McKenzie had no problem catching the snake and it was easy to get it into a cage. But it probably wasn’t very happy about having to leave its warm, cosy, hiding place. The cat, however, is probably very happy to finally have the cat tree all to itself again.

This Australia family also had quite a memorable experience with a snake in their home.

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