Hilarious viral video proves gorillas really hate the rain

This hilarious video of a group of gorillas being caught out in the rain has been published on Facebook, and shows us the amazingly human behaviour of our cousins ​​the great apes.

These gorillas inspired looks of both shock and laughter when they were filmed having this hilarious reaction to a rainstorm.

Gorillas are cool

But let's not forget, the gorillais an animal with impressive physical abilities that would make him an ideal bodyguard. These tall primates can reach up to 1.70 metres high and 2.75 metres wide for a weight of up to 275 kilos!

Fun fact: just like us,gorillas have fingerprints! They also have the ability to build a nest of branches in a tree in just 5 minutes. Meanwhile, they feed mainly on leaves, something quite easy to find when you live in the jungle!

Let's be nice to the gorillas

If the behaviour of the gorillas in the video above seems "very human" to you there is nothing astonishing about it. Remember that this primate of the hominid family is, alongside the chimpanzee and the bonobo, one of the closest living beings to humans as 98 to 99% of their DNA is identical to ours. So knowing that, if by chance you ever happen to come across a gorilla in rainy weather, please, be nice: make a little space under your umbrella.

Gorillas Caught Acting Like Humans In This Hilarious Photo! Gorillas Caught Acting Like Humans In This Hilarious Photo!