He thinks he's caught a fish, but what he pulls up in his net is incredible

A father and son were quietly fishing until they came across an unlikely find...

Brett Hereford and his father, Bob, are two American fishermen. On their last fishing trip, they made a very surprising discovery. While trying to catch a fish, Brett pulled up a completely different animal...

A funny fishing trip

Bob Herefordest and his son Brett are from Montana. Their favourite activity is fishing. One afternoon, they went to practice their passion on the big lake near their home. In their boat, they spotted a shadow on the bottom of the water.

With his large net, Brett picked up what he thought was a fish. But he was surprised to discover what it was... The more he pulled up the net, the more he thought he saw a cat, except that it wasn't just a regular cat!

A completely improbable discovery

As he pulled up his catch, Brett Hereford realised that the animal was in fact .... a baby lynx! This young wild animal must have suffered a tragic fate to end up in the water. Thanks to Brett's rescue, the baby lynx avoided a horrible death and was saved. The father then performed a few rescue procedures and released the lynx back onto dry land.

This extraordinary moment must have left a lasting impression on these American fishermen.

Posted by Bob Hereford on Sunday, October 6, 2019
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