He's Killed Over 1,000 Elephants - Now He's Complaining That There Are None Left

This sounds like a joke, but it’s not. A hunter, now 88-years-old and very well-known throughout the world for hunting prize animals has been complaining about how African elephants are disappearing. He himself has killed more than 1,300.

In the twisted world of hunting endangered species, Tony Sanchez-Arino is a legend. This man, now 88-years-old, has spent a large part of his life killing rare animals, sometimes those that are in danger of extinction. His track record would send chills down your spine. Throughout the course of his life, he is said to have killed 1,300 elephants, 167 leopards, more than 2,000 buffalos, 127 rhinos as well as 340 lions. In total, he has supposedly killed more than 4,000 animals.

Staggering statements

But there you have it. The man, who finds pleasure in slaughtering animals just to ‘kill’ time, is now complaining about how they’re disappearing. In one of his books entitled, ‘Elephants, Ivory & Hunters’, he said, ‘The African elephant will be hunted to extinction in the wild within our lifetime, to the shame of humanity.’ He also continued by describing how he devoted his life to the ‘pursuit of this magnificent animal.’

These statements are completely astounding when you consider this very controversial man’s hunting background. Complaining about elephants disappearing when you yourself have killed more than 1,300 of them, not exactly logical is it?

Furthermore, it should be mentioned that Tony Sanchez-Arino started his ‘career’ in 1952 as a poacher ‘specialising’ in ivory elephant tusks. He then moved on to hunting rare and protected animals. As a fan of hunting protected animals, he has taken multiple pictures with the corpses that he was collected over the years.

Are elephants going to disappear?

Elephants are one of the species that is in the most danger of going extinct. While there were around 1.3 million of these creatures a few decades ago, there are now no more than 400,000. Poaching for their tusks is one of the main causes of them dying. Furthermore, lots of elephants have their tusks cut off at such a young age so that they aren’t killed when they get older.

Tourists left terrified as elephants charge their jeep Tourists left terrified as elephants charge their jeep