He Got Drunk and Jumped Into a Crocodile-Infested River Just to Impress a Girl

A teenager drank 10 glasses before throwing himself into a crocodile-infested river to impress a girl.

Lee De Pauuw, 18, didn't hesitate to jump into the Johnston River in Innisfail, Queensland to impress Sarah Paterson. A totally crazy and unconscious gesture motivated by the10 glasses of alcohol that were ingested by the young man.

"She's not really special - she's a normal girl - but she's really beautiful and she was nice to me the day before," Lee De Pauuw told Nine Network. Sarah also expressed herself, but with much less enthusiasm, on Channel 7 TV: "Risking your life? There's nothing funny about that."

She agreed to see him again

While having a drink with the 24-year-old, the teen wanted to impress her and jumped; a crocodile threw itself on him, biting his arm and dragging him into the water with force.

"I hit him in the nose and he loosened his grip," said Lee De Pauuw, though covered with blood and wounded after the attack.

Although she said he was too young for her, Sarah Paterson agreed to see the crazy teen and share another drink, even after this little episode that ended up taking him to the hospital.

Girl, 8, killed by crocodile while swimming in a river Girl, 8, killed by crocodile while swimming in a river