He Cut Open the Tail of a Rattlesnake to See What Was Inside

This father and son decided to try out something a little unexpected for their new YouTube video...

He Cut Open the Tail of a Rattlesnake to See What Was Inside
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We present to you an infamous pair of YouTubers - Daniel and his son Lincoln have over a million subscribers! These two adventurers spend their time experiencing all kinds of new things, and they never stop observing and getting to the heart of everything they find.

For their new video, the father/son duo decided to try a new and wacky experiment: they cut open a rattlesnake tailto see what was inside. In order to do this safely, and to ensure that there was no animal abuse, they bought themselves a snake tail on eBay...

They slowly cut the sturdy tail with a scalpel, and finally split it in two... But this time the explorers had nothing crazy to show us because the rattlesnake tail was empty. Rattlesnake tails are in fact made of keratin, the same substance our fingernails are made of, and the keratin is arranged in a chain of interlocking rings. These rings are hooked together by tiny grooves along their edges. These segments then click together to make the rattling sound.

Although their demonstration was not very conclusive, it won’t stop them; they plan to carry on experimenting. But be careful not to try this at home!

Check out the video above to see the results of their unusual experiment for yourself...