He caught an enormous fish but what he discovered inside made his jaw drop

This fisherman was already impressed by the size of his catch, which was a fish weighing over 200 kilos, but what was inside was even more surprising.

Arnold Constantino won’t forget this outing at sea anytime soon. The young fisherman from Kalibo in the Philippines made a once in a lifetime catch, a grouper fish weighing 200 kilos.

Finding the unusual

Aided by his friends, Arnold quickly began to gut the colossal fish in order to sell it as quickly as possible. But after a few cuts with his machete, the fisherman came across a gold police badge! He told Mirror:

We sliced it open to check the meat, to see how much it was worth, and then we went straight to the market to see how much we could get for the fish. The badge was then found inside. Nobody knows why there was a badge inside. It caused some panic. Did it attack somebody, or swallow someone missing at sea? We are not sure.
Viral Press

Man-eating fish?

The theory is that the fish had swallowed someone who had died of drowning. But it is more likely that the fish had merely swallowed the badge.

This find has remained a mystery. Meanwhile, Arnold, unfortunately, had to sell hisfish at a reduced price because the discovery of the badge put many potential buyers off. Nobody wanted to eat the fish because of the fear that it had eaten human flesh...

Check out the video above to see the incredible moment they made their discovery!

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