Two Spearfishermen Got Quite a Shock When a Great White Shark Charged at Them – Luckily It Only Wanted Their Catch

Two people, who were spearfishing, almost lost their lives after a great white shark charged them, but the shark wasn’t interested in them, it wanted their catch!

A 12-foot great white shark charged two spearfishers off Geordie Bay, Rottnest Island in Australia around 2:15 pm. An alert app, Dorsal, showed that the water was super clear when the incident occurred.

The West Australian newspaper shared that the two spearfishers had never encountered as aggressive of a shark as the 12-foot great white that charged them.

The two spearfishers shared their experience via Dorsal. They said: 'We used our guns as distance between us and the shark as it charged multiple times on the way back to the boat before it finally came back around.'

However, they pointed out that the shark had no care in attacking them.

One said: 'It took the catch bag of fish right out of my hand narrowly missing my arm. I unhooked it from myself whilst the shark was thrashing around and let him take it, got out of the water instantly.'

They then shared that they’ve had encounters with sharks before,but none were as bad as this attack! They noted:

'the aggression on this white was much different to others we have encountered, after watching us for a minute or two he was instantly interested in our catch and kept charging us until he got it.'

Apparently, a lot of sharks have been spotted around the same area over the last little while. Recently, Western Australia Surf Life Saving organisation shared that three unidentified sharks were swimming in the same area.

But as you likely know, a lot of sharks live around Australia. Reports show that around 760 to 2,250 white sharks inhabit the south and west of Australia. And one of these sharks likely killed a diver a few weeks ago. Take a look at our video to learn more about his story and how his wife still stands against shark culling.

These Tourists Received Quite A Shock When A Monstrous Great White Shark Leapt Out Of The Water These Tourists Received Quite A Shock When A Monstrous Great White Shark Leapt Out Of The Water