Giant tarantula wasp takes on spider in this horrifying viral image

In this viral picture, two of the most terrifying creatures in existence, the tarantula hawk wasp and the huntsman spider, met their match.

Let's be honest, most of us would freak out about finding a spider in our room. So imagine how horrifying the experience must have been for this Reddit user who discovered a huntsman spider being carried by an enormous tarantula hawk wasp.

A horrifying site

Whilst huntsman spiders are big and hairy, they're not generally thought to be too dangerous to humans. The tarantula hawk wasp, on the other hand, is said to have a sting so painful that doctors advise victims to simply lie down and scream. In fact, it stings is only second most to that of a bullet ant. In this creepy photo, the enormous orange wasp has paralysed the huntsman spider and is carrying it away. After paralysing the huntsman the female wasp would then use the huntsman's body to lay its eggs. When the eggs hatch they then eat the spider's body from the inside out.

No doubt this photo was taken in Australia

Reddit user space_monster says they found the insects this way when they got home from work. The post quickly received plenty of attention. Absolutely nobody was surprised to discover that the photo had been taken in Australia—in Bronte, Sydney, to be precise. For many Redditers, the post was enough to put them off visiting Australia for life—with one viewer commenting:

Best part about this post? We all knew it was Australia without reading the description. WE JUST KNEW.

Another chimed in stating 'one of these day’s someone’s going to find King Kong sitting on his ass in the middle of Australia and they will also have the same response.'

Check out the video above to see the horrifying photo.

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