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Face-To-Face With a Lion, This Cameraman Feared For His Life... But What Happened Next Was Astounding

This cameraman was undoubtedly more than a little anxious when he saw a lion begin to approach him. What happened next was truly extraordinary... Don't miss it in the video above!

Adventuring in nature can prove dangerous—especially in regions where wild predator animals roam. This poor cameraman learned this the hard way, as we can see in these chilling images. We’ll let you have a look.

An unexpected meeting

While capturing photos in the heart of the savanna, a cameraman found himself nose-to-nose with a lioness of startling size. Keeping his cool in a remarkable manner, the man forces himself to remain completely immobile until the animal finally decides to leave.

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We can say that he demonstrates real courage as the lioness inches closer and closer to him... even sniffing him! And the man doesn’t move a millimetre--though it is safe to say that anyone of us would have panicked. One can tell all the same that he’s terrified, once we see his reaction after the animal departs. He laughs nervously, completely incredulous about what he just survived. We understand—we couldn’t have remained quite so calm in the same situation.

Check out the video above to see the footage for yourself!

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