Divers save a giant manta ray stuck in a fishing net

These divers in the open sea of Costa Rica had a big surprise. A manta ray was in trouble and they had the decency to help it.

While exploring the depths off Costa Rica, these divers came face to face with an unusual creature: a giant manta ray.

They came across a giant manta ray

The sea is full of incredible animals and divers are lucky enough to come across many of them on their excursions. This is the case with a group of divers who made an amazing discovery. They came across a giant manta ray but noticed that it was in distress.

Far from being aggressive or fearful, the animal approached the divers for help. The manta ray was in a bad way as it was stuck in a fishing net. The ropes were tangled in its fins and lacerating its skin. The ray must have been in pain and was having trouble moving. Fortunately, the divers did not hesitate to approach and save it.

They rescued it

Without hesitation, the divers rushed to remove the ropes with some difficulty. Surprisingly, the animal did not try to get away and even stayed around to swim alongside the divers, as if to thank them. It was very grateful and the divers had the incredible opportunity to swim alongside it for several minutes.

For 30 minutes, the divers have the opportunity to enjoy a unique moment with the giant manta ray before it disappeared again into the abyss. A big reward for a beautiful act that they will not soon forget. Thanks to them, the giant manta ray is safe and was reunited with its family. We can imagine that it must have been delighted to come across such helpful divers.

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