Divers rescue a whale shark that had been suffering for years

Video footage shows a diver jumping to the rescue of a poor whale shark trapped in a fishing rope that was cutting into its flesh. Breathtaking.

These Divers Rescued a Whale Shark After It Had Been Suffering for Years
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There's a saying that there's always someone out there who's bigger than you, and the story involving this whale shark is proof of that. This poor marine giant had gotten trapped in a fishing rope that was cutting into its flesh. But a team of divers was lucky enough to come to the rescue and free it from its chains.

Impressive longevity

Judging by the wounds left on the whale shark's body, it seems that it was suffering for months, maybe even years. That's why it was so fortunate for this diver to come and cut the ropes and release it.

However, this man was not in danger. It should be noted that the whale shark, although massive in size, moves slowly and are not generally considered aggressive animals. They are therefore widely considered harmless to humans and feed mainly on plankton and algae. In fact, it is often used as an example to counter the bad reputation that sharks get...despite the whale shark actually being a fish.

A beautiful creature Getty Images

Helping the gentle giant

Now, this giant creature can continue to live happily and free in the ocean. Scientists believe that whale sharks, the largest fish on Earth, can live for around 100 and 150 years!

This type of interaction is unfortunately not rare in our oceans. Non-profit organisations regularly help seals that have gotten entangled in fishing nets and other plastic waste.

Check out the video above to see the amazing footage for yourself!