Dad saves his three-year-old son from a mountain lion with his backpack

A three-year-old boy was attacked by a mountain lion while his family was out for a walk in a park in California—his dad saved his life by throwing a backpack at the animal.

One family decided to go for a pleasant walk in California,but the adventure turned sour quickly after their three-year-old was attacked by a mountain lion.

The family was walking in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park when the ravenous lion jumped out of nowhere and grabbed the poor boy by the neck. His dad had to act fast.

What did he do? He threw his backpack at the lion, hoping it would distract the animal from going after his three-year-old son. And the lion fell for the bait!

The lion dropped the young child, picked up the backpack, and darted up the tree! Thankfully, first responders rushed to the family and took the boy to the hospital.

First responders snapped a video of the lion with his jaws clenched onto the bag and staring down at them. Meanwhile, the boy went to the hospital, where they declared him to be in stable condition.

The poor young child suffered injuries to his neck. After the incident, the OCFA PIO tweeted that the event took place around 4:15 pm, and in the same statement the said that the Department of Fish and Wildlife also gave law enforcement permission to do something else.

Apparently, the Department of Fish and Wildlife 'gave local law enforcement the approval to euthanize the lion due to the public safety threat.'

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