Construction workers were shocked at what they discovered in one man's roof

You don’t know what you can find in an attic… In the United States, workers hired to fix the roof of a house made a surprising discovery!

In Miami, Florida, a team of workers hired to fix the roof of a housestumbled upon an incredible discovery.When they lifted a roof tile, dozens of bats started to emerge and fly away.

A cohort of bats hidden inside a roof

Upon moving the tiles one after another, the discovery became even more surprising. The workers had found an incredibly large bats nest under the roof!

We can imagine how surprised the workers must have been coming face to face with this unexpected scene. We also feel quite bad for the poor bats that were exposed to the light, since they’re nocturnal animals and normally only come out at night.

Renovations done just in time

The scene doesn’t look real and it’s impossible to know the exact number of bats that were hiding in the roof. It’s lucky that the owners decided to fix their roof when they did.

Obviously frustrated by the suspicious noises coming from their attic… It’s probably better that they didn’t wait until they’d settled in even more since there would have been a lot more bats years later! It’s also lucky that the bats hiding in the roof weren’t giant bats as some species can grow to be…

What about you, have you ever come face to face with a cloud of bats like this before? As for us, we think we’d definitely be afraid if this ever happened.

Check out the video above to see the stomach-churning discovery for yourself!

Man discovers terrifying creature yet to be classified by experts Man discovers terrifying creature yet to be classified by experts