Chilling Footage Of These Animals Fighting Caused A Stir On Social Media

Sometimes, animals' behavior will leave you speechless. This viral video of animals fighting, for instance, is sure to make your jaw drop.

Two animals just starred in a fight that's worthy of a movie scene. The strangest part is that the animals appear to be acting like humans in a heated argument.

The video, which went viral and has been viewed all around the world, received all kinds of comments from Internet users. The fight took place in Queensland (Australia), where one user managed to record it all.

But what's so special about this video? In the footage, you can see two kangaroos fighting like boxers!

The whole scene looks more like an excerpt from an action/science-fiction movie than anything else. In a very close fight, you can see them take turns pushing each other.

You also see them rolling on the floor and knocking furniture in the courtyard of an Australian house. Those kangaroos could've caused a lot of damage!

The unusual fight was filmed by Liz Manson, who was visiting her daughter nearby in December when she looked out at the patio and witnessed this peculiar, now-viral, fight.

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