Check out this spectacular video of one shark devouring another shark

A photographer captured video footage of a tiger shark devouring a hammerhead shark.

Professional photographer and surfer Jack Bates captured a rare spectacle off the coast of Juno Beach in Florida. He filmed a tiger shark feeding on the remains of a hammerhead shark. He told TC Plam:

It was quite incredible. I'm glad I had my camera. However, we don't know if the tiger shark killed the hammerhead shark, or if it was just feeding on the remains that were there.

Tiger shark attacks

Tiger sharks are known to feed on their fellow sharks. They also eat whales, especially when they are weak. They swim slowly while hunting and speed up when approaching their prey.

The tiger sharkis one of the most dangerous shark species for humans. In fact, it is ranked second inshark attacks on humans. Since the early 2000s, this shark has been responsible for an estimated 40 deaths.

Which shark is the most dangerous to humans?

Bull sharks happen to be the most dangerous sharks for humans. Since 2011, there have been over 21 attacks by this shark, 9 of which were fatal. The most recent ones took place on Reunion Island, but there have also been attacks in Australia and South Africa...

Check out the footage of this tiger shark devouring a hammerhead shark in our video above.

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