Can You Spot The Leopard In This Picture, Which Has Now Gone Viral?

Can You Spot The Leopard In This Picture, Which Has Now Gone Viral?

The feline blends perfectly into the scenery... so much so that it is (almost) invisible. This photo was enough to ignite social networks and drive internet users crazy, and completely confused them!

At first glance, the image is nothing extraordinary: a simple ditch, covered with earth, with a tree in the middle, and a branch obstructing the lens.

Shot in India by photographer Hemant Dabi, it was Bella Lack, a 16-year-old internet user, who shared this image on her Twitter account. Highly committed to the environment and an animal protection activist, she has more than 152,000 followers.

'Someone just sent me this and asked me to find the leopard. I was certain that it was a joke... until I found the leopard. Do you see it?' she writes in the caption of the photo, challenging her followers.

Her post quickly went viral. Many internet users are racking their brains and squinting to find the animal, which is very, very well camouflaged. 'I didn't find it, but I'm starting to get a headache;' 'I'll be dead before I find it,' writes the panicked Twittersphere. Other people begged the girl to tell them the solution.

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And you, can you see it?

For those who can't find it, just zoom in on the area right behind the tree. One can then discern the animal's spotted fur.

Got it? Good for you! But in the wild, there is no zoom, and you would not have had a chance against the camouflaged feline... You would have simply been its dinner.

James Guttridge
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