Bear Becomes Social Media Star After Travelling Across the United States Looking for a Mate

A bear traveled hundreds of miles across the United States to find a mate. He's now a social media star and has his own Facebook page, where Internet users can follow his adventures.

The bear, who fans have dubbed Bruno, travelled more than 640 kilometres across the American continent in just a month. He left Wisconsin, a state in the northeast of the United States, in early June and was last seen last weekend in Missouri, on the east side of the country. It's mating season for bears, and Bruno is looking for love. And he'll cross rivers, highways, fences, you name it, to find it!

Almost 150,000 fans

Internet users created a Facebook page to support him. Nearly 150,000 people are now able to follow Bruno’s journey every day, thanks to the many photos and videos posted by people who've spotted him. Last month in Henderson County, Illinois, more than 300 people gathered to watch the bear migrate. The police and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources helped Bruno cross busy roads without being a danger to drivers.

Spectators were asked to stay more than 100 meters away from the bear, but of course, some of them didn't comply. Feeling threatened, the exhausted bear started to exhibit symptoms of dehydration. Staff at the St. Louis, Missouri Zoo had to tranquillize him so he could be rehydrated and examined. If tests come back OK, Bruno will be released into a natural park, so he can continue his search for a soul mate.

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