Australian woman fishes two sharks, only for a crocodile to devour them

Two Australians witnessed a spine-chilling scene. After fishing two sharks, they saw a gigantic crocodile come and steal their catch.

Australia is home to a very diverse fauna that has a reputation for terrifying the average human. After all, one must admit that koalas and kangaroos are quickly forgotten in the face of snakes, spiders, drop bears and other potentially very dangerous animals that are in the territory.

And sometimes it happens that two of the much dreaded species come face to face for some absolutely awe-inspiring scenes. This is what Yvonne and Tony Palmer, two residents of the town of Cardwell, Queensland, discovered at their expense.

A once-in-a-lifetime fishing session

The couple had decided to enjoy a fishing session together. After a while of waiting for something to take the bait at the end of the line, Yvonne and Tony got very lucky. They caught two small sharks that they wanted to release back in the water. This, they could not do, and for a very simple reason. A few yards off the edge was a huge crocodile watching hungrily for the two sharks.

Breathtaking images

Yvonne decided to film the unique situation she and her husband found themselves in. On the images, you can see that suddenly, the crocodile gets closer and ends up devouring the two sharks at the water's edge. At this moment in the footage, we can see a huge beast whose size is estimated to be between 4 and 5 metres long. He made short work of the tow smaller animals before leaving as it had come, but with a full stomach and a chilled audience. You can bet that these two Australians will remember this fishing session for a long time and that they be very careful the next time they decide to release their catch in the water.

Photographer captures the moment a crocodile swallows a shark Photographer captures the moment a crocodile swallows a shark