American woman finds herself face to face with a 3-metre alligator in her kitchen

Take a look at the video above to discover what happened when Mary came face to face with a live alligator in her home in the middle of the night!

This will certainly make for an interesting story to tell her grandchildren—although we certainly don't envy the terrifying experience this poor old lady went through!

Getting a fright

Mary, a 77-year-old American woman, had the biggest fright of her life. In the middle of the night, she heard some noise in her kitchen and decided to go take a look to see what was going on. The least we can say is that she did not expect to come face to face with a giant alligator.

An unexpected encounter

A scene worthy of a movie went on to take place in this septuagenarian's kitchen. Thinking there might be a thief or just a common or garden animal in the house, Mary froze when she realised that an alligator was in fact quietly sitting in her kitchen.

According to the police, the animal may have entered through one of the lower windows of the kitchen. The elderly lady wisely locked herself in her room and called 911. The 3.3-metre-long alligator was safely captured by a professional. No one was hurt, including the animal, which had spilled a few bottles of red wine, as you can see in the video above - rest assured it's not blood!

Thankfully, Mary didn't come to any physical harm following her experience - although it was a massive shock! Take a look at the video above to see more for yourself...

An animal is hidden in this picture, will you be able to find it? An animal is hidden in this picture, will you be able to find it?