After Seeing These Photos You’ll Never Want To Set Foot In The Ocean Again

Have you heard of thalassophobia? This is the fear of the ocean and what is in it... And when you see the sealife which is in the ocean, we can understand why some are afraid of the idea of ​​diving into the water! If this sounds like you, you’ll never want to set foot in the water again after seeing these 20 photos!

- 1. A humpback whale jumps on two kayakers in Alaska. Fortunately, no was got hurt.

- 2. A diver clings to the abdomen of a humpback whale.

- 3. A great white shark, photographed a fraction of a second before breaking through the surface.                                                               

- 4. The whale shark, the largest fish in the world. It can be 50 meters long.

- 5. Fortunately, despite its gigantic mouth, the whale shark is perfectly harmless and feeds only on plankton and krill.

- 6. Beside a huge harmless whale shark, these divers have nothing to worry about!

- 7. A face-to-face encounter between a diver and a 50 foot Southern Whale.

- 8. This is the terrifying mouth of a pilgrim shark. It is harmless and is regularly observed along the French coast.

- 9. A giant Pacific octopus is a little too curious with a diver. They can reach about 10 feet.

- 10. A diver surrounded by thousands of jellyfish (non-urticating) in the jellyfish lake in the Pacific.

- 11. Here is the biggest jellyfish in the world: the Nomura jellyfish, in Japan. Its tentacles can be 115 feet long!

- 12. The French free diver Guillaume Néry is preparing to dive into an underwater chasm 650 feet deep.

- 13. An Australian perched on the carcass of a humpback whale

- 14. These two divers found themselves in the middle of a humpback whale meal. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

- 15. A whale skeleton observed below the surface in Antarctica.

- 16. This kayaker is followed very closely by a shark...

- 17. This is only seaweed, but the photo is impressive!

- 18. Imagine the fright of this fisherman when he released this strange animal!

- 19. A beautiful manta ray. These fish can have a 23 foot wingspan.

- 20. A small bonus, this time in fresh water: anacondas are also excellent swimmers.

By Rob Mitchell
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