A huge alligator in the middle of a golf course has been causing quite a stir

This breathtaking scene was filmed on Wednesday 11th November on a golf course in Naples, Florida.

Florida has recently been feeling the wrath of Storm Eta, which is already responsible for more than 200 deaths or disappearances in Central America, and has also seen some quite substantial rainfall across the state on the east coast on the United States this week.

Strolling through the golf course

This video of a huge alligator that decided to take advantage of the ambient humidity by taking a stroll through the golf course is proof of just how brutal the climate change has been recently. As you can see in the video at the top of this article, the huge alligator was spotted right in the middle of the green on a golf course in the city of Naples in southwest Florida.

This alligator has been causing quite a stir

The short video clip of this alligator plodding around on the impeccable lawn at Valencia Gold & Country Club was very quickly flying around social media. And we understand why after seeing the footage. Although witnessing an animal like this on the green is not a surprise in itself in Florida, the size of this animal left internet users speechless.

Feet that almost resemble human feet, a body spanning several meters long and a mouth that would turn even the biggest adventurer pale, this animal made a strong impression on internet users, most of whom probably wouldn’t ever want to cross paths with this animal.

One internet user in response to local meteorologist Matt Devitt says:

I've never seen anything like it except in the movies. That’s one of the reasons I won’t retire to Florida. Someone needs to capture and study this creature.
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