Whisky Me: Top Shelf Whisky Delivered To Your Door Every Month

Typically regarded as the drink of prestige among alcohol connoisseurs, Scotch whisky is having its barriers broken down by one British start-up that looks to make the spirit more easily enjoyed among amateurs. Their idea? A new subscription service that sends consumers one top whisky a month in a sample size pouch.

Whisky Me: Top Shelf Whisky Delivered To Your Door Every Month
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We’ve got to try this! Whisky Me – an English start-up – has decided to change the way that handle the typical whisky tasting. Instead of going to the market and buying whatever top shelf spirit we see that is undoubtedly far out of our price range, they propose a service that allows subscribers to discover a new whisky each month to sample.

This 5cl taster of Scotland’s finest comes in a small plastic pouch perfect for shipping. From there, it’s the dealer’s choice how they’d like to consume it – drink it straight from the pouch like a savage or transfer it into a small glass and enjoy your dram in front of the fire upon your leather sofa like the sophisticated and dignified person you are.

To take advantage of this offer, get ready to drop the modest price 7 quid monthly. The service is only available to Brits at the moment, so get your subscription in now and still benefit while small batch scotches are still a possibility!