This Is the New Trendy Alcoholic Beverage Everyone Will Soon Be Drinking

Have you heard of alcoholic water? You might not have, but it is a very popular drink among young people in the United States. But what is this drink?

This Is the New Trendy Alcoholic Beverage Everyone Will Soon Be Drinking
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If you like to make new flavourful discoveries, we have found something for you! If you're at a loss for choice next time it’s happy hour, perhaps you'll be tempted by a new trend straight from the United States. Forget about vodka, rum, or whisky. The new fashionable alcohol in Trump's country is... water! Yes, you read that right. This new drink is sparkling water with a light alcohol content, and which can come in different flavours.

The drink’s alcohol content is about 5%, and it tastes similar to an alcohol/soda mixture. This alcoholic water is sold in cans at a very affordable price: about £1.69. The market for this product is booming, since sales have increased by 200% in one year. The market leaders? White Claw and Pura, for example.

A thriving business

This business could bring in almost £2 billion by 2021. Brands are no longer hesitating to innovate and export their products. These pre-mixed cans are also very popular in Australia, and they have recently arrived in the UK as well. The Corona brand has announced that it will be soon entering this niche.

We bet that many will want to try this new taste experience! But will it be as adored in the UK as it is in the United States? We’ll soon find out!

As a reminder, excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous for your health and it should be consumed in moderation.