The World's Most Expensive Bottle Of Vodka Was Stolen In Denmark

This is why we can’t have nice things. The world’s most expensive bottle of vodka was recently stolen from a bar in Copenhagen. This cost for this bottle of spirits: nearly £1 million.

Well, what did you expect when leaving a bottle worth as much as the majority of us make in a lifetime just sitting out in the open of the bar? Cafe 33, a bar in Copenhagen, learned this lesson the hard way. After closing up shop one night a week or so ago, a couple of lads in ski-masks raided the bar and headed directly for the pearl sitting in the basement of the pub.

What makes this bottle of vodka – called RussoBaltique – so expensive? We’re sure the vodka is top quality, but it’s more so what surrounds the vodka that makes it so valuable. This bottle, created by company Dartz Motorz, to celebrate their 100th birthday, is decorated with three kilograms of gold, three kilograms of silver, and numerous diamonds.

However this story does happen to have a happy ending. A few short days after, the bottle was found in tact, albeit empty and dented, abandoned outside in Charlottenlund just north of Cophenhagen. Fortunately, the vodka found within this bottle is still readily available so it can simply be refilled and it will be back to its former glory.

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