Celebrate The Return Of Peaky Blinders With These Spirits!
Celebrate The Return Of Peaky Blinders With These Spirits!
Celebrate The Return Of Peaky Blinders With These Spirits!
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Peaky Blinders Is Back For Series 5 With A Whiskey, Rum, Moonshine, And More!

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After a line of beer and their very own bars, Peaky Blinders also has its name adorned on its very own bottles of spirits! Get ready for a selection of alcohol which promises to pack enough of a punch to please Thomas Shelby himself.

We've already gotten festivals in the past, but what about something for the introverted Peaky Blinders fans that just want to hang out at home and watch some TV while sipping on some whiskey? Well your prayers have been answered!

The famous BBC series is getting its own line of spirits created by Sadler’s Brewing Co. inspired by the Shelby clan. Sadler’s – a company that existed back in the Peaky Blinders era – are promising that their spirits will taste just like those that we would’ve enjoyed back in the 1920’s.

In fact, managing director Chris Sadler is related to the real Billy Kimber, and the Blinders and Kimber would often drink in Sadler owned establishments back in the early 20th century. How much more authentic can you get?

The company has released three different bottles: a spiced dry gin, a black spiced rum, and an Irish whiskey. A bottle of these fine spirits will run you between £18-25.

If you’re not particularly a fan of hard liquor and see yourself leaning more towards the lager, you've also got the choice of some Peaky Blinders beer. Their Pale Ale and Black IPA have actually taken home awards from at the World Beer Awards.

To make the deal even sweeter, you could opt for the pack running for £45 which features two bottles of your choice and a Peaky Blinder style flat cap just like the ones the gang sports in the show. You know, just in case you wanted to dress up like a long lost Shelby brother for your next viewing.

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