In Spain, Blue Wine Is Becoming More And More Popular Thanks To This Secret Ingredient

For some years now, the wine world has been experiencing radical upheavals, especially with the arrival of blue wine on the market. Seen as pure heresy for some, evolution for others, blue wine certainly divides opinion. However, the Spanish Basque Country seems to have embraced it!

Blue wine has been dividing generations: young people see it as a renewal of the traditional drink with a modern note, the older generation for whom wine is sacred see it more as a well-marketed fad.

Five young people from the Basque country - Imanol, Iñigo, Gorka, Aritz and Taig - started the experiment. They created Gik Live! in 2015, a company that has twelve employees today. After years of research supervised by chemists, their blue wine was born and it is loved by quite a few! Their course of action is ‘we like to change things and we are not afraid to try’.

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30,000 bottles were sold the first year to customers from 21 different countries. The first to succumb to blue wine were the United States, then it became popular in France.

The production

While some manufacturing secrets remain well kept, the blue wine is made only from natural ingredients: a clever mix of white and red wine, as well as grape must (grape juice that has not yet fermented). For the blue colour, they add blue pigments found in the skin of red grapes and indigo carmine, a natural blue dye extracted from the indigo tree.

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