Here's How Taking Part In Dry January Can Significantly Benefit Your Health

Have you overdone it with the alcohol during the holidays? Try the ‘Dry January’ challenge! The benefits of this challenge have been scientifically proven.

Have you ever heard of Dry January? This challenge suggests you stop all of your alcohol consumption throughout the first month of the year. A small detoxifying cleanse that shouldn’t be overlooked after the holidays’ overeating and overdrinking.

Millions of people have been seduced by this challenge, whose health benefits have been proven. Researchers at the University of Sussex, England, observed the behaviour of 800 English people. Those who did the ‘Dry January’ challenge have felt long-term benefits, according to the results of a study published on 28 December.

Savings and good habits

They noticed that their skin was more beautiful, they lost weight, saved money and 71% of participants reported sleeping better. But those who did the ‘Dry January’ challenge also drank less alcohol during the rest of the year: 71% of them realised that they did not need a drink to have a good evening. Six months after this experiment, participants drank an average of 3.3 days a week, compared with 4.3 before the ‘Dry January’.

So, when will you start?

These are the surprising health benefits of dry January These are the surprising health benefits of dry January