Disneyland: A New Brewery Opening Up For End Of 2018

Honestly, the only thing that could make Disneyland even more fun is going around after a few drinks. The famous theme park realised that and have decided to open a bar at the end of 2018! Time to start planning the next trip with the mates.

Did you pick up a couple fast passes for a ride, but still have another hour to go until they’re valid? Wouldn’t it be nice to kick back for a bit and have a pint in the meantime? Well soon that dream will become a reality.

Disneyland has some big plans for the drinking crowd. In collaboration with Ballast Point Brewery, the park will see doors open on not just a brewery, but a tasting room, an outdoor beer garden, and a full service kitchen! Californian Ballast Point Brewery will be supplying exclusive beers that can only be found on Disney property, as well as a selection of spirits and wines for the sophisticated lot.

As you can imagine, all good things come with a catch. If you’re thinking about making the trip over to have a few lagers with Mickey, you’ll have to start looking at plane tickets. That’s right: this is all happening in the Disney Village in Anaheim, California. You’ve got plenty of time to start planning and saving – doors should open on the new bar at the end of 2018.

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