10 Reasons Drinking Whiskey Is Good For You

Whiskey is an alcohol that can do you good (if you consume it in a reasonable and moderate way of course)! Here are some of the different health benefits this spirit can bring you. Cheers!

10 Reasons Drinking Whiskey Is Good For You
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1 - Whiskey does not have a very high calorie content, provided you drink it dry. So forget the whiskey-coke!

2 - It improves the health of your heart because it has antioxidants, just like red wine and dark beer...

3 - Full of antioxidants, whiskey has ellagic acid, which reduces the risk of developing carcinoma (a cancer developed from a tissue such as skin or mucous membrane).

4 - Whiskey prevents against dementia and Alzheimer's disease!

5 - Whiskey facilitates the circulation of blood by preventing cholesterol from staying in your arteries.

6 - It is effective against stress! It reduces anxiety and calms nerves.

7 - It improves your memory, since its antioxidants act on the brain area related to memory.

8 - It helps with digestion. In previous years, whiskey was drunk as an after-dinner liqueur. But on the other hand, it can also serve as an appetite suppressant!

9 - It will make you live longer, for all the reasons mentioned above.

10 - Whiskey contains very few carbohydrates, so even diabetics can have fun drinking it!