This NBA Player Has A Seriously Impressive Ab Workout

When he's not on an NBA court, Javale McGee is training. And the least we can say is that his ab workout is not easy.

While the Lakers' chances of making it to playoffs seem to be getting slimmer, Javale McGee isn't slacking off on his personal training at the gym. The LA Laker's center has posted a workout with famous trainer Gunnar Peterson on his Instagram account. Based on motor skills, the workout was mainly focused on core balance and resistance.

During the short, one-minute video, we see him perform several exercises, starting with wall ball, with the only difference being that Peterson holds the ball to create resistance and thus work the muscles deeper. He is also seen doing one-handed throws and Russian twists on a bench. To top if off, Javale works on dynamic oblique toning with dumbbells and performs supermans, also with dumbbells.

This workout requires all the strength of the abdominals, as well as that of the lower back (for supermans). The arms and shoulders are slightly worked, naturally, because of the weight in the hands. Ankles and legs are also stressed when performing the exercise on the bench. We highly recommend this complete and accessible workout.

Check out the video above to see the full workout for yourself!

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